Automating Datacenter Cost Compression through Software

Turning the VAR Model on its Head

We know a thing or two… because our team has sold,directly or indirectly, more than a $Billion in datacenter products through the channel. Our ingenious software automates the process of competitive balance and delivers the savings to our customers…

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Think about it this way

IngenewIT™ intelligence is conceptually the same as a search engine for travel… except the destination isn't a beach in the Caribbean… but the most efficient approach to cost compression for IT procurement today!

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An RFP Wrapped Inside Every RFQ

RFP’s for datacenter hardware purchases are so 2020… with IngenewIT™ you can get competing bids on every RFQ regardless of the size or complexity of the project. It’s like an RFP wrapped inside an RFQ that keeps your vendors/suppliers competing for the privilege of your business.

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Bridging the Gap

IngenewIT™ bridges the gap between your procurement analytic software and the need to continually work at compressing spend to deliver favorable outcomes to the company. Our customers are realizing that the world of datacenter product procurement is in a constant flux, and strategies of the past are not providing the savings needed in the future.

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We Keep Racking up the Savings!


Total Estimated Savings based on customer provided benchmarking as of 07-19-2024

Learn more about how software defined cost compression can work for your company in a live demonstration. Limited seats available.

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NETS Strategies and Software

Optimize Collaboration... Increase Visibility... and Generate Cost Savings!