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Automated cost compression for IT acquisitions is a game changer. In the world of commoditized architectures, allowing OEM’s and Publishers to continually compete for your business is in everyone’s best interest. If your incumbent supplier is treating you right they should welcome the competition… those interested in earning your business are given an opportunity to compete… and you are the continual benefactor of cost compression and supply chain optimization.

Think About it for a Second

Have you ever considered how many employees in a sales organization have their hands in your pocket… uh… purchase? From the CEO… to the VPs… from the Directors… to the Managers… from the Project Managers… to the Account Managers… from the Inside Sales Support… to the Credit and Billing Department… from the… well you get the picture… they certainly can’t be surviving in cost plus 2%... Can they?

The efficiencies driven by IngenewIT™ allows us to strip out the costs associated with a bloated organization and pass the savings on to our customers.

Sit Back & Relax

Once you submit an RFQ, just sit back and relax and let the system go to work for you and do what it does best… save you money! But a little warning, you are going to have to prepare yourself for relentless cudos from management and finance for exceeding your cost compression targets, along with those pesky promotions that lead to more responsibility and more taxes. Our apologies!  
Automated cost compression on run rate, as well as, large projects… supplier compression… collaboration and visibility with management, finance, and stakeholders on all projects… SAM… Warrranty Management… Asset Management… Procurement Analytics… Realtime savings analysis against established benchmarks… what’s not to love?

Learn more about how software defined cost compression can work for your company in a live demonstration. Limited seats available.

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