3 Non-Invasive Money Saving Strategies

Innovation, imagination and planning can generate considerable rewards for resellers & customers during difficult times

"True progress comes at the edge of your comfort zone." - Seth Spears

#1 - Competitive Balance

Committing a large percentage of your datacenter footprint to a single OEM is convenient, but it may not be fiscally prudent in the age of commoditized datacenter architectures. The lack of competitve balance for the sake of convenience, or out of a lack of acquistion process automation, drives OEM, VAR and procurement complacency and minimizes the true potential for cost and margin optimization. Let us show you how IngenewIT™ has the tools to help avoid labor intensive & time consuming RFPs, while delivering equal or greater results.

#2 - Third Party Maintenance

Did you know that OEMs leverage third party maintenance providers to augment their hardware break fix engineering stables? That’s right, the FE fixing your server under OEM support may be a TPMP badged employee. The reality is that there are many circumstances where third party maintenance contracts make perfect sense, and the cost savings for equal, or sometimes even better, support can be substantial. Let us show you when TPM makes sense and how we can help you recognize the best possible outcome from a TPM strategy.

#3 - Aggregate Purchasing

The vast majority of vendor pricing algorithms are volume based. The bigger the order, the better the discount percentage. Many large companies have a tendency to negotiate direct or indirect OEM pricing letters based on expected volumes, however this destroys competitive balance and may not always yield the best possible discounts depending on the class of products being purchased. IngenewIT™ makes aggregating the purchases, while collaborating with stakeholders a seamless proposition. Let us show you how.